Welcome to Goldline Brow.
We are located at #122, 7181 Yonge Street.

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If you are entering ‘World on Yonge’ building via underground parking.

Park near the sign where it says 7165 * 7167 Yonge st and it’s free till 10pm 7 days a week (no need to get a parking ticket until further notice). Please Do Not Park on the ground. The parking lots in front of front stores are owned by the front store owners, so you may get ticketed.

Find a ‘Parkside Towers’ sign in the underground parking lot and park near the yellow poles. And enter the door circled in red below

You can take an elevator or stairs to het to the ground level

Enter through this door. It’s always unlocked. Open to public. Turn right, and you will find ‘Goldline Brow’ on your right (Unit 122).

If you are entering ‘World on Yonge’ building via main entrance,

As soon as you enter the mall, find the info desk on ground level. From here, we will head to unit 122 (Goldline Beauty).

At info centre (red circle), head to East (towards unit #125)

As soon as you reach to the end of the aisle, Turn right.

You will find ‘Goldline Beauty (Unit 122) on your left.