Hi! Goldline Brow has an expertise on Eyebrow, Eye line, Lip and Hair line based on the structured and the latest training received from both Canada and South Korea institutions. Our brand, Goldline, is named after my own South Korean name ‘Keum Sun’. We named it so, because we express the gorgeous and luxury beauty in our own unique terms. We provide assistance to customers by lifting the hidden confidence from already given physical appearance regardless of your age, race and skin type.

I was introduced to the semi permanent make up world when I was in the last year of my university. That was the first time when I and my friends visited the shop to get eye liner done. I still remember we were really excited and nervous at the same time. Thankfully, we got it right so we were released from the pressure on drawing eye liners every day in the morning (We often got late to the class, because sometimes it took longer than usual to manually draw on my face). And about 10 years have passed, and here I am. The semi-permanent makeup world has evolved a lot since then. Customers often worry about eye brows being ended up like their mothers whose eye brows turn into blue color as color gets faded.

Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. Very different now compared to old techniques that our previous generations have had used. New technology has enabled us to express more natural color and keep it last longer. Also, it’s easier to maintain and correct the shape with new design and new color. Not only for beauty enhancements, the semi permanent make up can be used to cure (or to help to reduce the after-impact) vitiligo, scar, nipple restoration and hair loss.

Like we mentioned above, it’s nothing like Tattoo. Microblading technique brings natural and confident look. Just remember this when you think about semi permanent make-up, “Be beautiful without getting noticed!”

We have a thorough consultation with a customer first. All clients have a different skin color, bone structure, muscle shape and its height, eye brow hair volume and its curl. So, having a lot of experience plays an important role here. Usually 1 to 1.5 hours is spent on the client. Each design and procedure is performed with extensive care and effort until the customers’ 100% satisfaction.

Coloring result varies due to each individual’s facial features (skin type, color tone), so it is difficult to predict the result 100%. It’s rare to get the desired result with 1st procedure. We strongly recommend you get 2nd re-touch procedure done to control and complete the shape and color at your convenience.

Depending on the 1st procedure, # of re-touches required is also different by each customer. Please note that 1 plus 1 is not always 2 when it comes to semi-permanent makeup. However, We will do our best to add the missing to complete your beauty with our experience.

This field is very booming and growing very fast in east Asia countries including China, Korea, and Hong-Kong. Recently, the popularly has moved onto Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Growing demand so does supply. And Canada started to join the ride.

You can see a lot of procedure pictures across social medial websites. Based on those pictures, it’s best to choose the artist by your preference as all artists have their own techniques and characteristics. Aside from the design uniqueness of each artists, there are a few important factors you may want to consider when it comes to choosing one. Enough experience, safety-proved equipment and materials, and a safe and clean studio environment.

It’s so good to see you through this medium! Semi-permanent makeup is not easy, I even feel like it’s getting harder as I gain more experience. Because not everyone is born equally. They are all unique and beautiful in their own way. However, the satisfaction from raising their beauty to another level is so incredible and this is what keeps me going!

Goldline Brow will sincerely work hard for your beauty. And, we are looking forward to bring more on the latest South Korea Beauty Trends, Beauty, Interior, Fashion and share with you through this website.