Last Sunday, we found a restaurant that made us very satisfied.  My wife found this Filipino Restaurant which is located at 31 Howard St, Toronto, ON M4X 1J6. As soon as she saw pictures form the restaurant, she asked me to visit there for a try. For $15.00 per person, you get platter for your group. Quantity wise, the food was enough to make us full at the end of lunch.  Also, you can ask them for more garlic rice for free.

All meat, vegetables and seafood were fresh.  You can eat with your hands with gloves on.  It’s very unique experience. I always had my meal with spoon and chopsticks, but having to eat your meal with your own fingers make you feel like you are really eating something real.  It’s hard to explain, but I felt like I was living in the local village and was invited to the village leader for dinner. After the meal, we also tried their authentic dessert which is called ‘Turon’.  It’s tasty long fried dessert.  Which was like friend spring roll which tastes sweet and a bit of citrus? Just try it, you are gonna love it!

Here are some pics and a short video from the restaurant.

Hope you try this place and enjoy like we did!