Today’s DIY item is String Art.  We have a dried rose from last Valentines’ day and wanted to make use of this flower for something else.  The item we are going to make a string jar design with real flowers. You can also try other designs such as fruits (pineapple or apple…etc).  Here is what you need,

  • Dried flower
  • Printed design of your art
  • A small hammer
  • Color string of your choice
  • A piece of wood as a design background


Please find your desired design from the web, I could easily find one from Googling.  Place this printed design carefully onto the background wooden board.



Drive nails on the wooden board with certain space gap between nails.  Use hammer carefully and finish all around the design.  You are going to link these nails with a string (so the string will act like a line to complete the design).

And then, take the printed design off from the board.


Now the time for the string to complete our DIY string art. Using your desired color string, start connecting nails by making a tie to each nail. We repeated the whole connecting string part twice for better look.


As a last stage, we used a few dried roses to add some 3D dimension effect to the string art board.


And here it is!  Hope I have motivated you enough to get you started on your own DIY string art ~! 🙂



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