Whoa, so cold today!

How are you guys enjoying the Canadian winter?  We have been living in Canada for many years, but the winter never changed..it’s always cold!!

When things are all white around you, it’s good idea to add some green to your space.  This time, we are going to make a simple green world in a jar.  Just like my other DIY posts, the required materials are simple and easy to get from near local stores (mostly from our favorite store, Dollarama).  This can be a great gift to your family and friends for special occasions.

So let’s get it started~!



Materials you need:

– A clear glass jar
– Rocks, pebbles or recycled glass chunks
– Activated charcoal (sometimes called activated carbon)
– Potting soil appropriate for your plants
– Moss (optional)
– Figurines, sticks or decorative items (optional)
– Various small plants
– A scoop, spoon or shovel
– Scissors
– Gloves


Remove any price tags or stickers from your vessel and wash both the interior and exterior thoroughly to ensure that there are no unwanted residues that could affect the health of your plants. Envision how you want to arrange your plants inside the jar.

Once the container is ready, fill the bottom with rocks or pebbles. This is to create a false drainage layer so water can settle and not flood the plant. The depth of the rocks totally depends on the size of your container, but aim for 1/2″ to 2″.

The charcoal looks exactly like what you would expect it to and it’s messy. Sometimes it comes as small granules and other times it comes as shards—either works. You don’t need much, just enough to cover the rocks. The charcoal will improve the quality of your little world including reducing bacteria, fungi and odors.


Take your plant out of the pot and break up the hard soil ball until you get down to the roots. If you’re breaking the plant into multiple parts, be gentle. You may also want to trim the roots if they are especially long; don’t worry, they’ll grow back. Using a spoon, your fingers, the end of a brush, or even a pencil, dig a well to place your plants roots in. Add more soil around the top and compact the soil down around the base of the plant. Continue placing your little plants in the container and try to keep them away from the edges. The leaves are likely to touch the sides but aim to keep them away as much as possible.

After you’re done planting you can add little accessories like a blanket of moss (dried or living), little figurines, old toys, glass beads, shiny metal object, sticks, stones, or even a layer or rocks. This is your little world and you can put whatever you’d like in there.


You’ll likely have dirt all over the sides of the container, so wipe them down so you can enjoy the beautiful living world inside. Give the terrarium a little bit of water. Unlike most of your house plants, a terrarium doesn’t need to soaked: just a couple of shots of water should get it started.