Have you noticed you have too plain tea coasters when you enjoy your coffee on Sunday morning? or was there a time when you felt a need for something fancy for your afternoon tea time with your lover?

Let’s take this chance to create our own tea coaster with a few materials! Anyone can easily make their own vintage-feel coasters.


Preparation: Cork pad (from IKEA store or Dollarama), ┬áSponge (from Dollarama), Acrylic Paint (Michael’s, Currys or Dollarama), Simple pictures to use on cork pad.

Step 1. Get your cork pads ready.


Step 2. Design and draw a simple picture on paper (or you can print).


Step 3. Cut the design out of the paper.


Step 4. Fix the paper (from above) on the cork pad using the plastic tape.


Step 5. Squeeze a bit of acrylic paint from the tube and rub it with sponge.


Step 6. Gently pat the cork pad with the sponge.


Step 7. Once you are done, take the paper off from the pad.


Step 8. Let it dry!


Ta-Da! You just obtained a new set of tea coasters.