Early days when I just landed Canada.. What surprised me was strawberries I bought for the first time in Canada. They weren’t sweet as much as the one in South Korea. Hard, not Juicy. Maybe I bought the bad ones.  After visiting around many grocery stores, We finally could find some sweet strawberries.

Let’s make a crepe cake with strawberries this time. It’s great dessert to share with your friends and family.

Let’s get it started~! 🙂

Ingredients : Whipping Creme (35% creme), Strawberries, Flour, 4 Large Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Salt

Prepare Cake Flour 160g

4​0g of Sugar

Mix flour and sugar altogether


And a pinch of salt​

Pour 4 large eggs into the mix​

Also, Milk (400ml) goes into the bowl​

Shake it, baby!

​​And here comes the butter,

Melt butter in Microwave for 30 seconds (Repeat every 10 seconds to prevent burning the butter)

Pour butter into the bowl,


What I am going to do now is that I am going to filter them using this tool
(Not sure what they call this in English..sorry!)

Crepe batter has to be smooth as much as possible.

If you don’t have a tool to filter it, then feel free to beat it till it gets smooth enough.​

​Get your griddle ready!​

We used a fry pan which has a 20cm of diameter.

Pour or scoop the batter onto the fry pan, using approximately 1/4 cup for each crepe.

Tilt the pan with a circular motion so that the batter coats the surface evenly.

You know when it’s ready by looking at the edges of the crepe
If you see them getting brownish, flip them using your chopstick skill!

Chopstick level 3 is required.

Batter has a butter in it, so you won’t need a oil sprayed onto the fry fan to prevent sticking.


Whip creme’t will not melt when you use it on the crepe after the cool-down period.
So, in the mean time, let’s prepare strawberries and whip creme.

I found it very time consuming when I was slicing the strawberries
Thickness of sliced strawberries was inconsistent, so the cake overall had a unstable shape after.

So, I came up with this idea, using this tiny tool.
This small friend is originally for slicing eggs.

Why not we use them for strawberries? (unfortunately, large strawberries won’t fit)

​Sliced with consistent thickness, right?​​

Let’s turn our heads to whipping creme

Whipping creme 500ml and Sugar 50g are required.

We used a blender.

​Place one crepe on the dish

Apply whipping creme​

Place strawberries on it​

Another crepe! and repeat as much as you prefer~​

Have you ever thought about, “Wish there are more strawberries…” when you bough a cake from near grocery store?

Now, leave those in the past and face the new future of your dessert!

It’s heavenly taste with this many strawberries!

Thanks for reading this blog, we will try to bring  you another food/baking ideas through this site!

Happy you Happy us!