OMG~ so cold today!

Today, I am going to make a candle holder using a balloon.

You will need brush, clay, balloon, metallic acrylic paint and concrete-texture paint.

Concrete-texture paint?

It’s a paint which gives a concrete texture feel to the surface once it gets dried.
Let me show you how it looks like!

Let’s head to Dollarama and Michael’s to get these materials.

Blow a balloon as much as you want it to be~

This is a clay from Dollarama.
Actually, I originally planned to create a lamp using the actual cement.
But, the store was selling the cement in big sizes like 20kg or 30kg 🙁

So, we are going to stick to clay this time.

Keep massage this clay with your muscular fingers until it gets soft and chewy(?).

You can use an empty bottle to flatten this clay out.

and put it on the balloon!

Huh? they don’t stick to each other as I expected.

You know what? Let’s use water a bit ~
It’s going to be easier now with water to stick this clay to the balloon.

Keep it up~

Leave it for a day (don’t forget placing something like a newspaper below it as it will drop pieces)

Time to burst these bad boys!

Only the clay shell will be left after the air gets out from the balloon.
I got cracks on thin clay part 🙁

Finish up the clay shell by touching up on edges.

If you flip these, it looks like a head cover.

Me and husband lauged out when we put these on our heads.

Now, it’s time to use acrylic paint~
Since I am in love with gold, rose gold and copper color these days~~
I bought a bright copper one.

Tip! When you buy an acrylic paint,
1. Buy the one with multi surface!
2, If you are buying a gold color, Choose No Glitter, Yes Metallic!
Glitter has a pearl texture which is not desired in this handcraft.
Metallic will bring an actual-paint like feel to it.

Use your brush for inside painting~

Edges as well~


All done with inside painting.

Dry them~
It will done quick~
Even thohgh I am the girl with no patience, I watied for an hour~ lol

The paint with cement texture !

It was about $ 9.00 at Michael’s
But you know, if you subscribe to their mailing, you get a coupon!
I used a coupon which got me a 40% discount.

It does look like a cement.

Paint well~
This is magic! it turns your piece into cement piece.

Check this out in close-up

Dry them for a day!!

Well dried, Dinosaur Candle Holder!

I used a fake candle from Ikea store (the candle which runs on battery)

See how this candle creates a wonderful atmosphere~
Crazy, eh?

Only for 10 dollars,
We get a beautiful Dinosaur Egg Candle!

If you have a cement at home, try it with the cement.
Or if you are like me, try with clay and cement-texture paint as an alternative!

Such a great value item~