Today’s blog is about an outdoor lighting item that we made
this year 2016 summer.
This is going to decorate our empty condo balcony when all things get ready.
Luckily, my father had a lot of tools in his garage, so my wife, had a
luxury of using them for free.

Wood craft & supplies can be found at near local Michaels’ store.


Size can be determiend by your preference.
Chloe was going to make 3 wood lightings with differnt sizes.

Get your wood frames ready by sizes.


You can use a card scraper to smooth wood out, but we had a better tool

to do it quicker.​


By using wood craft glue, fix them once.

​and finish with a nail gun.

Work on those 4 corners  as well.

Here are the bottom parts.


​​We also used wood filler to finish the minor tearouts.


Repeat the process for other units, and here we have our outdoor lighting frames.​

We used a LED lamp inside of the wood frame.