This was one of small handcraft projects Chloe worked on this Summer 2016.

Our condo unit was pretty empty back then.

Chloe was looking for something to add color to our small living room.

So, she came up with this DIY Crayon Frame item.

Required materials are pretty simple and easy on your wallet.


 Canvas frame, Crayon, Glue Gun and Dryer.

These are all you need.

Bigger canvas may look better.

Chloe was going to make a frame using the fact that Crayon can be melt from hot heat.


Chloe used 64 color crayon, but she suggested using 24color (3-4sets) is also a good option.

A 24-color set from Dollarama is CAD $1.5, so is pretty affordable.

Chloe arranged by rainbow color order, but you can order them as you want.


Prepare enough Glue Gun bullets

Don’t save on glue gun bullets, since we are going to use them a lot to make them really stick to the canvas.


Apply glue on the first crayon and apply glue on the canvas for the rest of crayons.

Make sure the first crayon is glue-ed strong to the canvas, so the next crayons can be easily placed on the canvas.


Put your hand underneath the canvas so that you can stick crayons onto the canvas.


Before we go any further we are going to let the hair dryer do the tough job.

Make sure you put something behind the canvas, cause’ it’s going to be messy task.


Start blowing using your hair dryer.

Aim for the middle area of crayons, this will let the melted crayons flow to the bottom with constant amount.

Too strong blowing will cause the crayons’ dust being spread onto other canvas area which is not so desirable.

So do it carefully.


Please remember these!

1. Do this in open area (smell from melting crayons may be harmful to your body).
2. Be careful with using your hair dryer. Over-usage may cause the malfunction of your hair dryer.
Here is our DIY Crayon Frame!