This DIY item was already a big hit in South Korea.

Since we got our little place to live for our own, I decided to try this fabric frame

for our empty living room.

What you need: frame, fabric, staple gun

Cost: about CAD $10.00 (assumng you already have a staple gun)

Time: 30 min or so



Prepare a wooden frame based on  your preference on size.



We purchased this fabric (110cm long) from near IKEA store.

If I remember right, the price for 100cm long was about CAD $7.99.

Put your fabric flat on the floor, move your frame around

and find the perfect position for your fabric and frame.

Fabric from Ikea store is pretty thick so its perfect for the frame.

Please don’t forget ironing out your fabric before attaching it to the frame.



Use your staple gun to attach a fabric to the frame.

Make sure you pull the fabric out as much as you can so that it gets straightened out as you go.


Once you finish, shooting around with your staple gun. it will look like this


Finish it up by sealng the edge. Fold them and use your staple gun, again.


And there,  you got yourself a great custom hand-made fabric frame! 🙂

Great benefit from doing this is that you can

choose any picture or pattern for your liking.

And replace it with other design as the weather or your mood changes.