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Welcome to Goldline Beauty

We are a luxury beauty studio specializing in semi-permanent makeup to enhance everyone’s natural beauty. It is named after the founder’s South Korean name ‘Keum Sun’. Our mission is to lift your confidence even more without the everyday effort.

Goldline Beauty Announcement

Jamie is on her Maternity Leave

We are so excited to announce that there will be a little bundle of joy joining our Goldline Beauty family. We want to thank everyone that reached out to us with such warm, sweet, and comforting words and gifts. We will update her return once we have a definite date (Early 2023)

Chloe has returned from her business trip.

Please book your appointment accordingly.

For Goldline Beauty Students

Please email or DM via Instagram for purchasing your pigments.

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The Artists

Our artists are trained in Canada and in South Korea where the semi-permanent makeup industry is known for being the best in the world. We continue to upgrade our skills to bring you the latest trends from South Korea and worldwide.


Chloe is the founder of Goldline Beauty and a semi-permanent make up artist with many years of experience in beauty salons across different regions of Canada. She is a licensed artist who specializes in, but not limited to, Microblading Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lip Blush. As lash lift master artist, she also created CL lash lift which has gained a lot of popularity among customers.

She loves her work and has a great passion for enhancing natural beauty in each client. She is also an active educator, providing training courses for prospect technicians, as well as a committed learner who pursues for customer’s satisfaction.

Chloe differentiates herself from others, by understanding each client’s expectation and providing excellent quality customer service thorough customized design, latest permanent makeup techniques, and color theory.


Jamie specializes in creating the most natural looking semi-permanent makeup that suits the look and personality of her clients.

She has always been artistic and interested in the beauty industry growing up. She decided to follow her passion while she was working in the health care profession to pursue a career in the beauty industry.

She says the best part of her work is the delighted reaction she gets from her clients when they look in the mirror after the service is done.

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  • If you have any questions, please email us using the form on the front page of this website OR you can text message Chloe directly for an immediate response (647 468 8390 TEXT ONLY).

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Please feel free to ask us any questions using the form below (English|한국어).

Client Love

“Received a microblading treatment with Chloe, she did a wonderful job!! She was very patien, listened to exactly what I wanted and paid close attention to all the little details that made a huge difference! I would highly recommend Chloe to anyone looking for a natural result”
– Farah K

“Thank you so much! It was really great meeting you, you are the most professional, helpful and kind person.
I hope to see you soon for more applications”
– Asiye Tufan

“Incredibly professional and satisfying micro blading experience! Chloe is amazing at what she does and I’m 110% satisfied with the result. She really enjoys what she does and she took the time to consult me the bests eyebrow shape for my face. What I liked about her was that she asked me a lot of questions about what I wanted, took the time to listen, and gave me a great result. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you Chloe and I will definitely come back!”
– Mary Lee

83 reviews on
julie kim
julie kim
여기서 콜드플라즈마 받았는데 너무 좋았어요. 샵도 깔끔하고 무엇보다도 시술해주시는 분이 엄청 친절하시고 전문적이시더라구요. 콜드플라즈마가 모공 줄여주는데 효과가 좋다고 해서 받아봤는데 확실히 모공이 줄어들고 피부가 전체적으로 매끈해졌어요. 여드름 피부라서 여드름 흉터가 붉게 남아있는데 흉터도 옅여져서 너무 만족합니다! 😄 몇번 더 받으러 가야되는데 기대됩니다. 😆
최근들어 뒤집어진 피부때문에 여기저기 서비스를 알아보다가 한국에 있는 친구가 콜드플리즈마라고 최근에 한국에서 많이 한다는 피부 시술에 대해서 알려주었어요. 타이밍 좋게 캐나다에서도 서비스를 받아볼수있는곳이 생겼다고 해서 바로 예약해서 다녀왔습니다. 여드름 및 피부 트러블이 심해져있는 상태여서 얼굴 전체 서비스를 받았고 3차까지 예약한 지금 1차받고 정말 결과에 너무 만족합니다. 젊었을때 생겼던 여드름 흉터가 볼에있어서 레이저 시술을 생각하기도했었는데 한번 시술받고 자국이 현저하게 줄어들어 깜짝놀랐어요. 최근들어 여기저기 생겼던 여드름도 최악이였던 모공상태도 너무 좋아져서 지금 첫 서비스받고 한달짼데 최근들어 최고의 피부 상태를 유지중이네요. 1회로 큰 변화를느낄수없을수도있고 최소 2,3회 치료를 추천해주셨는데 한번만으로 너무 효과가 좋아서 다음 방문이 기대되네요. 샵내부도 너무 깨끗하고 원장 선생님도 너무 친절하세요! 강추드립니다!
Hazel Chee
Hazel Chee
I flew in from Bermuda because Goldline was referred to me by a close friend. Chloe was VERY professional and kind. She went through every step to making my eyebrows beautiful and made me feel completely comfortable. She was very open to listening to my suggestions and she gave a few of her own and we ended up going with her suggestion because she’s the expert! I was so comfortable that I actually fell asleep while she was completing my powder ombré brows! The brows came out better than I expected and I cannot wait to go in for a touch up when I fly back to Toronto!
Johnson Voong
Johnson Voong
I received semi permanent treatment from Chloe and Jamie, and I'm very happy with it. I stronglly recommend them. They were very professional and kind, I will definitely go back.
Soohyun Moon
Soohyun Moon
I love the service! My lashes are so nicely done 🙂
I had my first ever lash lift from Chloe. She did a wonderful job and I am amazed by the results! Thanks Chloe!!
Liz Poon
Liz Poon
Got a lash lift here. Clean facilities, super lovely technician, and excellent results. Very pleased and will be back!!
psychology chau
psychology chau
I highly recommend Goldline beauty to people who love Korean-style makeup. In designing my eyebrows before getting the tattoo, Chloe was very patient and professional. Because I seldom do makeup, I want my brows to look natural. Chole helps me to select a color that looks natural. During the tattooing process, I couldn't help but fall asleep since there wasn't any pain involved. After the procedure, Chole explained what I should do to care for my eyebrows afterward. Then she gave me a little bottle of healing cream and a lovely card as a caring reminder. My new eyebrows look amazing, and I can't wait to see them.
Christine Dang
Christine Dang
I love both the keratin lash lift and facial beauty mark tattoo that I had done by Chloe! Chloe is very friendly and knowledgable. The space itself is beautiful, clean, and comfortable. My eyelashes normally are straight and can't hold a curl, but the lash lift helped open and frame my eyes in a natural way—I love my lashes now! As for my semi-permanent beauty mark, it’s so cute, it makes me happy. It’s really nice waking up looking fresh, and not have to spend extra time in front of the mirror getting prettied-up. Finally, Jamie was quick to respond to all my questions over email. It was my first time receiving these beauty treatments, so I appreciated the detailed information! Already, I want to come back for other services. Thank you Chloe + Jamie! 🧡✨

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